Services That I Offer

Individual Therapy


Individual therapy is when I meet with  you on a one-on one basis in a confidential, safe and caring environment. This allows me to focus on what have been troubling you in a deeper sense. We could explore more of your thoughts, feelings over the situation that you are in. Individual therapy could be highly beneficial for people who has never been to any types of therapy at all and unsure of what to expect. 

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Couples Therapy


I see couples at any stage, from dating, to dealing with empty nest issues and everything in between. Currently I am working towards a certification in sex therapy. 

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Family Therapy


Sometimes one person's thoughts, feelings, behaviors and heath situation affect the whole family and create some tension due to worry and  uncertainty. I provide support for families who are experiencing health, mental health and addiction issues to come together and discuss the treatment options, best course of action, and clarifying expectations. 

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Group Therapy


There are many benefits on going to group therapy. You can learn from each of the group member who are in the same situation as you. They will also become your allies and your supporter during the difficult times.  The group is a closed group meaning that once the group has started, there won't be any new additional member added. The size of the group is kept at maximum of 6 people. The group will last for 12 (twelve) weekly sessions.

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Therapeutic Cooking Classes


Therapeutic Cooking Class is not only about learning specific recipes, or just learning about cooking techniques. It will help you understand yourself better, gain confidence, improve communication, and learn about healthy coping skills such as mindfulness and relaxation. 

After cooking we will have time to sample what we just made and talk about your experiences. You will also be able to bring home your creation to share with your loved ones. Take home containers will be provided.  

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Frequently Asked Questions


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