Mediated Learning Experience

What is it and how is it used?


The fun activity of cooking will be utilized as a vehicle to incorporate your senses, with your thoughts and feelings to achieve a better understanding of  yourselves and help you gain confidence, healthier communication, better coping skills and relaxation. 

The Therapeutic Cooking Classes is utilizing the Mediated Learning experience (MLE) principles, developed  by Dr Reuven Feuerstein, a Clinical, Developmental and Coginive Psychologist in 1979.  

Mediated learning experience (MLE) refers to those “human interactions that generate the capacity of individuals to change, to modify themselves in the direction of greater adaptability and toward the use of higher mental processes” (Feuerstein, 1979). During the MLE process, I, as the mediator/examiner not only make the the process of cooking meaningful to you, but also attempt to help you see how the learning or thinking during cooking is applicable to other areas of your life, thus enabling transfer of knowledge. 

Therefore, the recipes used in TCC classes has been carefully selected and compiled due to their therapeutic values in the process of production and , of course, their delicious taste.

After cooking we will have time to sample what we just made and talk about your experiences. You will also be able to bring home your creation to share with your loved ones. Take home containers will be provided.