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Do I Really Need To Go To A Therapist?


Why Do People Choose To Go To Therapy?

At one time or another we might feel overwhelmed with our lives and experience a prolonged sense of hopelessness, helplessness, sadness, and anxiousness which start to prevent us from functioning our daily tasks.

Maybe we experienced some events in  our personal or married lives that we may not know how to make sense of, with the resources that we have. 

Maybe we are in a situation where we can’t really rely on our friends and family to get an unbiased perspective. 

Maybe we tried talking to friends and family in the past but it hasn’t helped. 

Maybe we have some concerns and questions about mental health and addiction where we want a professional perspective. 

Maybe the ways we cope with our problems, for example, by drinking too much alcohol, abusing prescription medication, using illegal drugs or being aggressive, are starting to harm us or others around us.

Maybe we are feeling stuck and unsatisfied with how things been going in our lives we need to find a different way of looking at our lives. 

Whatever the reason is, coming to see a trained professional can be a great start for finding a new angle on things that allow us to get unstuck, move forward and grow.


How I May Be Able To Help You

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been practicing since 2003 and I provide individual, couple, and group therapy for these following topics:  

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Inter-cultural relationships
  • Couples communication
  • Sexuality 
  • Life transitions
  • Substance use and abuse
  • Dual diagnosis issues
  • Continuing care post discharge from intensive substance abuse treatment
  • Continuing care post discharge from intensive mental health treatment
  • Professional development groups for new mental health professionals/ interns 
  • Life management groups for nursing professionals
  • Therapeutic cooking class


What's Next?

Give our office a call to schedule an initial session, where you can tell me what kind of help you need and what you want to see different in your life. During the first initial meetings, I will ask you many questions to get some historical background of your problems and your life in general. Then, I will give you a preliminary summary of what I understand from what you just shared, and present you with an initial plan on how I may be able to help you. We will talk about the frequency of the follow up sessions. Initially, a weekly session is usually needed. These sessions are also directed toward answering any questions or concerns you have about therapy.  During these initial meetings I may also send you home with questionnaires and assessments for you to fill out to help me better understand your situation. If you come with your spouse to seek marriage counseling, I will see you and your spouse individually as a part of the assessments before we proceed with the psychotherapy process. 

What's New?

I am taking new clients. Please drop me a line using the form below or click the button to check out the services that I offer.

New in 2018: Therapeutic Cooking Classes.

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